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This website provides information about British Columbia builders liens. Builders lien legislation varies from province to province and this website deals only with British Columbia builders lien law under the Builders Lien Act, SBC 1997, c. 45.
Builders lien issues may be of interest to two different groups:
  1. Persons who have performed construction work and would like security for payment. Such persons may wish to file liens to secure the right to recover payment from the owner of the land even if they did not contract directly with the owner. 
  2. Persons who wish to have liens removed from title to land, perhaps because they disagree that payment is due to the lien claimant. These persons are often the owners of the land, but may also be general contractors whose subcontractors or suppliers have filed builders liens.
The above two groups have different perspectives, the first group attempts to properly comply with all of the requirements of the Builders Lien Act, while the second group sometimes tries to identify and rely on non-compliance with the Builders Lien Act as a way of defeating the rights of lien claimants.
The Builders Lien Act is renowned for being a technical area of law and persons dealing with builders liens issues should consider getting legal advice regarding the strategies that may be available to them given the facts of their particular situation.
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